Figure and size advice

Figure advice

Every figure requires different support in order to make your curves come out the best. The figure advice is a recommendation, everyone knows best what they like. Furthermore, the average breast size of the Netherlands is assumed. For women with an above average breast size, a bra with more support will always be better.

body types


Pears have wider hips and narrower shoulders . With wide hips, high-cut thongs or Rio briefs are the best, they make your legs look longer, making your hips look narrower. The narrow sides of the briefs make your hips appear more balanced with the width of your shoulders. In terms of bra, if you have a pear figure, it is best to choose a bra with a lot of support and that lifts and pushes your breasts out. This makes your upper body appear wider and you create more of a waist. If the straps of the bra are far apart, this can also give the appearance of a wider upper body. Examples of suitable bras are spacer bras, balconettes and bustiers.


Diamonds have somewhat broader shoulders and fuller breasts with narrow, straight hips . Figures with narrow hips can tolerate many different types of briefs, but if you want to create wider hips, it is best to go for a thong with side details, a luxurious thong with wide sides or shorts. Think, for example, of a Brazilian thong or a hipster . To properly support the fuller breasts, a firm bra is recommended. So choose a bra with underwire and sturdy straps. These straps also make your shoulders appear less broad. A bra such as an underwire bra or balconette will give you the support you need and ensure that your breasts are centered.


Like an hourglass, your hips and shoulders are in proportion to each other. You are lucky! Hourglasses say almost everything. So play with different styles of lingerie and see what you feel most comfortable in! If your waist is on the straight side, you can solve this by buying a bra with a firm lower cup. These bras are also suitable if you have large breasts. Do you want your waist to be more in the middle of your body? Then wear Rio briefs, which make your legs look longer and the lower part of your upper body look shorter.


Women with an apple figure have narrow hips and narrow shoulders with a round upper body . Firmness is central to this figure. In particular, wear sturdy fabrics with vertical lines that keep everything in place. This way your shapes are best accentuated. Perfect for this are bodysuits , these are often very sturdy and ensure that your figure comes out nicely. If you choose a body with a deep v-neck, your breasts will be beautifully accentuated. As with the diamond figure, you can make the hips look wider with a thong with details on the sides.


If you have an athletic build, you have narrow shoulders and narrow hips with a straight upper body . With this figure, push-up bras and bustiers are your best friends. These fit well around the entire chest, this makes your breasts look bigger. Bras that are small or low-cut should be avoided, as they will only make your breasts appear smaller. With your narrow hips, all briefs are suitable for your figure. Do you have a bit of a tummy? Then opt for high-waisted briefs instead of low briefs.



Not only your figure, but also your breast position can determine which type of bra suits you best. You can measure your own breast position by placing two fingers between your breasts. If you don't have room for two fingers, your breasts like to be close together, they don't leave each other's sides. If two fingers fit well in between, you have a small distance between your breasts. Can more than two fingers fit in between? Then you have a good distance between your breasts.

chest position

In addition to your breast position, breast fullness also plays a role in choosing the best bra for you. The fullness of the breasts is where the most shape is in the breasts. If the shape is mainly in the middle and at the bottom, you have a slightly fuller bottom and slightly flatter top. If the shape is spread over the chest, you are reasonably full over the entire chest. The shape can also be mainly at the bottom, the fullness is then at the bottom of the breast.

breast fullness

NB! This advice is based on the average bra size in the Netherlands. If your breasts are smaller or larger, a push-up model or firm model may be better.

Size advice

size advice

Now you should know which type of bra and briefs best suit your figure and breasts, but what size are you now?
Which bra size you have depends on your bottom width and bust size. The bottom width is the size directly under your breasts (1). The chest size is measured where it is largest (2).

Your slip size depends on your waist and hip size. The waist is measured where it is narrowest (1). You measure the hip circumference where your hips are widest (2). In the tables below you can read which bra size, cup size and clothing size you have based on your measurements.

Bra size

bra size

Tips & Tricks

A few tips:

  • Is the underband creeping up from your bra? Then you probably have too big a bra size, try one size smaller.
  • Do your breasts bulge out of your bra cups? Then try a cup size larger.
  • Do you suffer from tight bra straps? Then try a smaller size. The support must come from the girth and not from the bra straps.
  • Always try on bras with the hooks in the loosest position. Bras stretch the longer you wear them, so you can always tighten the hooks even more.
  • Can two fingers fit under your bra band? Then you have the right size!
  • Never use the "I'm going to lose weight" excuse to wear an ill-fitting bra. That not only looks less beautiful, but also doesn't feel pleasant.
  • With a full bust, it is wise to lean forward and 'shake' your bust in the cup.
  • The cup seam should run over the bust.

Slip size

slip size